churchwhereyouareA friend of mine sometimes randomly asks me a question about the church. It’ll be something like, “How long does it take you to get to church?” I’ll think for a minute, give my answer, and inevitably, he’ll tell me that I’m wrong and remind me that we ARE the Church!

He’s right. Although there are many necessary things about gathering together corporately, we don’t have to go to a building to go to church – we are the Church!

This Sunday, December 27, we’re going to have a tangible reminder of that because Church is wherever you are!

There will be no corporate gathering at 585 S. Riverside Dr., instead, families are encouraged to join in their living rooms, coffee shops or with friends to rest, rejoice and read God’s Word together.


God rested on the 7th day as an example for us to follow (Gen 2:2-3). He didn’t need the rest, but we do. Soak it in.

Part of the Awaken Church Code is: We share the weight and the rewards. We’ve all been sharing a lot of weight, so let’s make sure to share the reward of rest!


Along with our family and friends, let’s take some time to thank God for 500+ decisions for Christ at Awaken and the many other great things He is doing among us. Share some stories and tell God how good He is.


Read and discuss Luke 10:38-42.
Martha was busy and Mary sat at Jesus’ feet. We’ve all been busy serving (which is a good thing), but we can’t neglect our “Mary time.” Spend some time discussing how we can all develop the habit of sitting at Jesus’ feet and hearing His word, like Mary did (Lk. 10:39).

We will be back together for New Years Eve (9pm-midnight) and for our first worship experience of 2016, Sunday, January 3 at 9:00 & 10:45am!