ourmountain“This has been a long time coming” someone told me this weekend, regarding the expansion and renovation plans that I unveiled. It’s a thought I’ve had a few times too. But in reality, it hasn’t been a long time at all. 5-year old churches don’t normally talk about the things we’ve been talking about.

Last year, just one month after Awaken’s 5th birthday, God provided for us to purchase the entire shopping center that we now inhabit 13,000 square feet of. It was the perfect storm of God’s timing and provision. Now, just 10 months in to owning Riverside Center (5.5 acres, containing 3 buildings totaling 32,000 sq ft), I had the opportunity to roll out plans for renovation and expansion within Riverside Center.

I won’t take much time here to explain it all, because it’s all available in video, PDF and email form on our website, but I will share briefly the vision God has given us as we move into this exciting season.

At the beginning of 2015, on Vision Sunday, we charged into the new year with a war cry from Joshua 14:12 – “give me this mountain!” It’s a phrase ripped straight from the mouth of 80-year old Caleb, who knew he could take every one of God’s promises to the bank. God had promised him the mountain in front of him and he intended to take it. As I prayed for weeks leading up to Vision Sunday, I was asking God what our mountain is – what He wanted us to risk in 2015. He graciously reminded me that it wouldn’t be a risk if He told me all the details!

It seems that our mountain is now in focus!

Phase 1 of 3 in Together We Build involves combing our two venues into one that will seat 299 adults! Being back under 1 roof worshiping together will dramatically help our teams, our production crew, and will also raise the energy level even higher than it already is. We couldn’t be more excited about it! Thankfully, Phase 1 won’t disrupt business for any of our tenants in Riverside Center!

Our vision is simple: God doesn’t need our involvement, but He wants to give us a voice in the victory! He’s inviting us to be a part of what He is doing. He wants us to live for something that will matter in eternity.

You won’t get a guilt trip or a sales pitch from me, just an invitation to join in what God is doing.

When you scan the history of Awaken, it’s been one project after another: renovating, expanding, adding services, adding square footage, changing service times, and more. By God’s grace, buildings have never been our focus and never will be. We view buildings as tools to gather people to share the good news of the Gospel with them. JESUS is our focus.

I know so many of you who read my blog have been blessed by the ministry of Awaken Church, so I’d like to extend the invitation to you as well.

We’re estimating that Phase 1 will cost us $350,000. We don’t have much of a timeline, as pulling the trigger on construction is based on us having the money to make it happen.

Please PRAY that God would provide all the finances necessary for us to quickly move forward with these plans so we can make more room for more people to hear about Jesus.

You can also GIVE toward Together We Build. You can give online by typing an amount and writing “build” in the comments section. You can also give through our mobile app or by text message by sending the amount and keyword “build” to 931-444-5143 (example: 100 build).

Make sure to swing by our new website page, awakenchurch.org/togetherwebuild, where you can sign up for email updates, ask questions, hear (and watch) the vision, see the future plans in full screen (including some beautiful 3D renderings), give online, and even watch Awaken’s 5-year documentary!

This is Jesus’ church and He WILL build it. This is our chance to join Him in His pursuit of the lost!