Tuesday is my favorite day in the office. It’s often filled with meetings, planning, and prep for the week, but most importantly, it contains our most important staff meeting all week.

Every Tuesday morning, the staff and I meet for 30 minutes, but there’s no “work talk” allowed. No planning. No prep. No calendars. No phone calls. We do 2 things in this meeting: build monuments and pray.

Building Monuments

Monument building is built into the fabric of Awaken Church. It’s part of our code – who we are as a church. We intentionally take time to remember and celebrate God’s faithfulness. Our past victories are vital for future success, and being used by God is a privilege and honor that we will never take for granted. They’re not physical monuments – in these meetings, they’re vocal. Every Tuesday morning meeting begins with this question: what did you see God do last weekend? It can be big or small – everyone just has to share something. Sometimes it’s personal and leads to tears, often times it’s something they witnessed at church that weekend. Either way, building weekly monuments cultivates an attitude of gratitude in each of us and trains us to keep our eyes open to what God is doing all around us.

The importance of taking time each week to be reminded that God is doing big things among us can’t be overstated. In ministry it’s easy to become jaded by all the negative things if we don’t reinforce them with the positive. The staff of any church is privy to the good, bad and ugly of ministry, so the more we can fight our own forgetfulness and remember the victories, the better!


The transition from monument building to prayer is natural because being thankful naturally leads to prayer…at least, it should.

It goes without saying that prayer is powerful…or does it? We talk about, preach about and read about the power of prayer. We are appalled that prayer isn’t allowed in some public meetings or in schools, but prayer meetings are typically the lowest attended meetings at any church. Seems conflicting…but that’s a different blog post.

Another part of the Awaken Code is that we believe the battle is super and natural. God has promised the victory, but that doesn’t negate our responsibility. We will do everything we can within our natural ability and trust God for the supernatural. We put a lot of work and time into what we do at Awaken, and we want it to last. Therefore, we build it all on the foundation of prayer.

There are many meetings that take place at the church each week, but Tuesday Team Meetups are easily the most important meeting that happens all week. God is good. If anyone on the Awaken staff forgets that, it won’t be because we didn’t talk about it!