As if Easter weekend wasn’t amazing enough, we have another incredible weekend ahead of us: it’s the launch of our new series through Psalm 23 called The Shepherd And Ewe. (See what we did there?) We’ll be learning that whether life has you in green pastures or death valley, you never have a reason to fear because your Shepherd is right beside you!

Although it will be a short, 4-weeks series, our Creative Team has been working on it for months. We have some really exciting things planned for the launch this Sunday as well as for the following weeks.

This series is unprecedented for Awaken, as it will mark the first time that Awakeners of all ages — kids and adults — will be studying the same verses at the same time! I’ve been meeting with the Awaken Kids team over the last few weeks, as we work through each week’s text and topics. Not only will we be studying through Scripture together, but we’ve also added an additional weekly discussion email for families, couples, groups and anyone who wants to dive deeper during the week. All you have to do is swing by our website and sign up. It might take you 20 seconds!

We’ve put a lot into this because we believe there’s A LOT to get out of it! As a church, we’ll be memorizing the Psalm (if that sounds daunting, calm down – it’s only 6 verses) because I think you’ll have an entirely new outlook and appreciation for Psalm 23 when we’re done.

I encourage all Awakeners to get signed up for the weekly email at And while you’re at it, make sure to download some of the promotional graphics we have available and spread the word on social media!

Oh, and one other super exciting thing…

If you wish you were in Clarksville to study along with us, now you don’t have to be! This Sunday (April 12, 2015) marks the launch of our Awaken Church live-stream happening every Sunday at 10:45am CST! This doesn’t substitute for church if you’re here in town, but it’s for you who are not here, our deployed soldiers, and for the many millions who don’t know Jesus…yet! Make sure to pass this link to your friends so they can worship and study right along with us starting this Sunday:!