5 years. It’s a big milestone.

It’s amazing to think back to that rainy Saturday night, September 19, 2009. A small group of adults and kids showed up to 2,400 sq ft of renovated office space, painted blue and brown, and Awaken Church officially began!

What a journey it’s been so far! Deployments, a flood that could have wiped us out, discouragement, doubt, wanting to quit, and many other obstacles along the way threatened to hold us back, but they didn’t. God continued to build His church.

Our first-ever legal contract was on an old 1,000 sq ft tanning salon (called “Tropical Tanz”) that we planned to turn into a church building. Now we’re contracted to purchase an entire shopping center! Apparently we dreamed a little small.

This weekend we celebrate big. We call it “a monument weekend.” In Joshua 4, after God had miraculously gotten His people across the flooding Jordan River into the promised land, He told them to set up a monument. Although there were battles to be fought and land to be taken, they paused and took some extra time to set up a memorial. God knows that we are forgetful people, and we’ve learned that we have to fight forgetfulness. A faulty memory is an enemy that will prevent our future effectiveness and cause doubt. There are many battle to fight in the future, but this weekend, we pause to remember what God has done.

I can’t wait to gather this weekend on the Austin Peay campus and celebrate together under one roof. We’ll worship, we’ll hear vision for the future, and we’ll debut our mini-documentary (that you’ll be able to purchase soon), Together We Build.

In case I wasn’t clear: you don’t want to miss this Sunday!

God has done great things, but come on, we’re only 5 years old! In kid terms, we’ve barely started Kindergarten! God is just getting started. Buckle up and pray big.

To the many people who have shouldered the weight of ministry, sacrificed huge, lost sleep, and given over and above, THANK YOU! Together we build.