As you may be aware, just a few months ago, our little 4-year old church attempted something gigantic: purchasing an entire shopping center. We’d been on a quest for a bigger place for years, and when our shopping center, which we inhabit 1/3 of, went on the market, we jumped at the opportunity.

Ok…honestly, when I first heard it was on the market, I laughed at the opportunity. It was way outside of our price range, and I assumed it meant we’d be moving sooner than later – not by our choice.

Thankfully, I was wrong. Oh me of little faith.

As we began exploring our options, we realized that it was the perfect storm of God’s providence and provision that seemed to be holding a door open for us to walk through. So, with the guidance of my Board of Directors and our real estate team, we went for it. We agreed to keep stepping until the door closed. We thought the door may have closed when the bank went back on their initial financing offer. The owner had agreed to finance 25%, but the bank didn’t want to do 75% after all – they wanted a 10% down payment + closing costs. In the commercial real estate world, that’s very generous. A normal down payment is 20% + closing costs. Regardless of the generosity, for us to meet the 10% requirement and cover closing costs, we’d need to come up with $200,000, which was beyond what we have available. For the last couple months, we’ve been giving toward that goal, but that’s a big total for such a young church!

In the book of Nehemiah, as he feels called by the Lord to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls that had been broken down, he asks the king to fund it. So, summoning our inner Nehemiah, on the Friday before our contract was due to expire, we asked the owner to finance the remaining 10%. And as God’s favor and timing would have it, he agreed and we signed an extension on the contract on the day the original one was due to expire! Of course. Who gets the last laugh now, Kevin?

So, pending final approval by the bank, we are now fully financed and approved to move forward with closing. If all goes well, we will own Riverside Center by the end of September.

Inspections are underway, and the main issue we’re aware of is a roof that will need to be at least partially, if not entirely, replaced. Again, we’ll follow the example of Nehemiah, and well, you understand…

How You Can Be Involved…

PRAY for God’s guidance, direction, provision and favor. We HIGHLY value your prayers – wherever you are!

GIVE toward our goal of $70,000. That’s a lot easier to swallow than $200,000! Our goal is to bring in $70,000 toward the building over the next few weeks so that we don’t have to deplete our bank accounts to cover closing costs. God provides for His Church through the generosity of His people.

3 ways to give…

1) Give in person at Awaken – drop your cash or check in one of black boxes in either venue

2) Text your gift to 931-444-5143

3) Give securely online

However you choose to give, use keyword “sacklunch” to make sure we know that your gift is designated for the purchase of the building. Like the little boy in Mark 6 who brought his sack lunch to Jesus, God will graciously multiply whatever we put in His hands!

One more thing…

Since Awaken Kids is out of space yet again, we asked our landlord to give us the 1,000 sq ft next us for free, and he obliged (thanks, Nehemiah)! We will begin cleaning and painting that this week and hope to have it renovated and staffed by the end of September (so sign up to serve!).