Show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you’ll become.

The voices that we allow to speak into our lives determine who we are and what we will become (see Proverbs 13:20). They’re THAT important.

Mark 1 says that John the Baptist was “a voice crying out in the wilderness, preparing the way of the Lord.” His voice wasn’t the only one God used to do that though. God can use our voices, and He is using voices from across our nation to do the same thing today!

At Awaken, we’re moving into a new season where we’ll be hearing some of those VOICES speaking into the life of our church. We’re taking about a month off of our study through Mark to hear from a few pastors from across the country. We have a stellar lineup! Not only am I excited to hear from each pastor, but I’m excited to go to church and sit in a chair by my wife, take notes, give some “Amens,” and worship right along with my favorite church, Awaken!

Here’s the lineup…

JULY 27: Frank Ramseur | Calvary Chapel Chattanooga

We know him and we love him. Pastor Frank has taught at Awaken before, and I’m so honored and excited to have him back in the Awaken pulpit, kicking off our VOICES series! Pastor Frank is an answer to prayer for me. He’s about 10 years ahead of me in church planting, and I have so much to learn from he and his team. You’ll love hearing God’s Word from Pastor Frank.

AUG 3: Ben Courson | Applegate Christian Fellowship

Pastor Ben will be joining us all the way from Medford, Oregon (he wins the prize for furthest distance traveled to get to Awaken) on August 3. Ben preaches the Wednesday night services each week at his church as well as teaching across the U.S. In fact, he’s flying into Tennessee from California! He’s a phenomenal young preacher (that makes it sound like I’m old…but I’m not) that you’ll love to hear from!

AUG 10: Chip Lusko | Calvary in Miami

Chip and I served on staff at Calvary Albuquerque back in the day, and now our lives and ministries have taken us to different states. He hails from the great state of Florida, and will be leaving their thriving, multi-campus church in the heart of Miami to join us at Awaken on August 10. Chip is not only a friend of mine, he also serves Awaken by serving on our Board of Directors. Chip has taught at Awaken a few times in the past, and we always love having him back!

AUG 17: Ben Sledge | XXXchurch.com

Ben is a pastor in Texas, but is also on the speaking team for XXXchurch.com (one of Awaken’s financial partners, they help with online pornography recovery and accountability). He’ll be joining us for 2 events at Awaken: 1) a men’s-only event dealing with lust & pornography on August 16, and 2) both Sunday services on August 17. Ben is living proof that God chooses and uses people with all sorts of backgrounds and struggles. He’s an Army combat veteran with a powerful story (read his story on the XXXchurch site). You won’t want to miss it!

Don’t miss these unique opportunities to hear from some great men of God whose VOICES God is using to prepare the way of the Lord across the country!

Download this pic and post it on your social media to invite some friends. Join us THIS SUNDAY at 9:30 or 11:30 as we kick off VOICES!

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