It was worth the wait, I promise. The all-new Awaken app is now live in the iTunes app store for iOS devices (and coming soon on Google Play for Android)!

I’m so proud of our team here at Awaken who have worked for the last 8 months to build this app from the ground up. They’ve done a phenomenal job…and we’re not done. There will be much more content that rolls out in the future.

It’s so clean and easy to use that it doesn’t take any explanation, but I’ll walk you through it real quick anyway…


The Teaching Archive is one of my favorite parts. We’ll be adding more series over the next few weeks and months, but for now, you have access to all 6 of our most recent series, including one of our most-requested series, LoveJoySex! Just select a series that you want to listen to, then browse through the messages in that series.

Touch the “i” to read info about each message, then touch the cloud icon to download and listen to the message. The message keeps playing even if you open other apps, so multitask away!




The Connect screen allows you to contact us about any questions you have as well as submit a prayer request straight from the app! We have a great team of people who pray for incoming requests throughout the week, so I think a lot of people will love this feature!IMG_4749



You can also now give via text message right from the app! On the giving screen, just select “give,” and as long as your device supports SMS, you can type in any amount that you’d like to give, and hit sent. It’s literally the easiest way to give that we’ve ever used.

IMG_4751So what are you waiting for? Head to the iTunes app store and download it. While you’re there, leave us a review and tell some friends. Enjoy.