open hands

Souls are the best way to invest.

We hold firm to that statement at Awaken because we believe it and live it out. We want our money to go where it will last the longest, be put the greatest use, and impact the most people.

At Awaken, we never want to guilt anyone into anything – guilt is a very poor motivator. What we’d rather do is help people understand what the Bible says about giving and lead them to make a logical, God-honoring decision.

Our natural tendency with money is to have a closed-fist, white-knuckled grip on it. “I earned that money. I put my time in for it. Ain’t no preacher gonna talk me into giving it away!” Our thought line is that if we need money, we should hold onto every penny we get. The Bible, as it often does, flips that logic around and says that an open hand is the key to provision.

If we will hold our finances with an open hand, our hands will be open for God to provide – both financially and spiritually!

We try to make giving as accessible as possible at Awaken. Although we don’t pass an offering plate, we have giving boxes available in both Awaken venues, envelopes in every aisle of chairs that can be used for cash, check or card, as well as online giving.

In addition to those methods, we also recently rolled out the easiest way to give that we’ve found yet: giving via text message. It’s so simple. All you have to do is text any amount to 931-444-5143. Anyone from anywhere in the world can do it! The first time, it’ll send you a link to add your card info. Once you’ve done that, you’ll never have to again. Your cell phone number is now tied to your card (it doesn’t go on your phone bill). You can then give as simply as texting $250 (or whatever amount you choose) to that number! SO simple.

Watch below for an illustration about giving (in which I dump money all over the stage) and a demo on how to give via text message…