You could call it “love at first sound.” The first time I heard my wife’s voice was when she was practicing for worship at summer camp. I was on staff at Lone Tree Bible Ranch and I heard an angelic voice coming from the gymnasium. I immediately thought, “I need to find out whose voice that is.” Seeing her just confirmed that I’d need to get to know her further…if you know what I mean!

Jenn has been leading worship for over half of her life now – since she was 13! She faithfully served the middle school youth group at Calvary Albuquerque for years, and when I met her 5 years later, I played bass in her worship band. Years later, when we began dreaming and praying about what would eventually be Awaken Church, I knew I was married to one of the key team members: the worship leader (also, Accountant, Wedding Coordinator, etc.)!

When Awaken Church launched in September 2009, Jenn was 9 months pregnant. She led worship for about 4 weeks, then our second child was born and Jenn had to step back for about 6 weeks. At that time, we had to borrow worship leaders from other churches in Clarksville and the surrounding cities. She was all we had.

March 22 & 23, 2014 marked the beginning of a new season for the Millers. As we gear up to become a family of 5 soon (hopefully sooner than later!), the time has come for Jenn to take a step back from leading worship at Awaken. Taking a step back was much different this time however, because of how God has provided for the expansion of our worship team. We have 17 musicians on the team now, and 2 worship leaders leading bands in 2 venues! Jenn has done an incredible job building our team and God has provided some amazing musicians.

For now, we’re not sure what the future looks like for Jenn, but I know this: she’s not done with worship and music! Jenn is far too gifted to leave music behind. Although weekends are exhausting and Sundays are full of church and sleeping, it’s always worth the exhaustion!

The church honored Jenn on her final Sunday. They stood to their feet to thank her, and gave her a gift card for a day off at a local spa. We also arranged to continue cultivating her gift by setting up a song-writing session with Matt Hammitt, lead singer of Sanctus Real! I got the crazy idea to throw an impromptu worship concert after our final service as well, so along with 7 other musicians, Jenn led the church in a wild worship party. She went out with a bang!

We can’t wait to meet the 3rd Miller baby soon, and we’re excited to step into this new season together as a family. It’s been a joy having my best friend at my side leading worship, and I know the best is yet to come!

Stay tuned for more Jenn Miller music coming soon!