There are many things that make churches different: worship style, location, dress code (or lack thereof), Bible translation, age, skin color, tradition… and the list goes on. Although we are different in many ways, there can (and should) be unity in the midst of diversity. That’s the way Jesus wanted His Church to be.

A few months back, I had an idea. I had a vision of gathering churches from around the Clarksville area to pray. I had no other agenda or plan besides that. What would it look like if we crossed denominational lines, and didn’t allow what makes us different to divide us? What could happen if we just gathered as The Church with one purpose: to pray?

Well, we did it… the first-ever Revive Prayer Week is in the books. It was an amazing.

The week kicked off at Awaken on Monday night, then we moved around the city to a different church each night. We had an average of 93 people and 8 different churches come out each night! On Thursday night, churches gathered in Clarksville and Hopkinsville to pray! We had a total of 18 churches (that we know of) represented throughout the week. Admittedly, that was much better than my pessimism had expected.

Our prayer this week was two-fold: 1) that God would revive our city, and 2) that God would revive prayer throughout our city. I believe we’ll back on January 2014 as a pivotal point in which God began both.

In addition to the unity created through praying, our time together also spawned another prayer meeting! His Church (meeting in Leap Plaza on Wilma Rudolph near Dunbar Cave) will be opening their doors each Monday night in February at 6:30 for prayer. Click here for all the info and to RSVP.

Here’s a look back at Revive Prayer Week…