This weekend (Dec 7/8) launches a new season for us at Awaken as we expand into 2 worship venues and 2 kids’ spaces. Our team has been at work for months training team members, purchasing & installing equipment, organizing, wiring, and so much more. The last few months have been quite a challenge, trying to balance the busyness of The Uprising, 4 weekend services, Awaken Groups, and a growing church, but the team has done an amazing job. Here are some of the details of what we’ve been up to, and what you can expect at Awaken starting this weekend…

North & South Venues

In the future, we will have a bigger worship venue that will seat a few hundred people, but for now, that’s not what God has provided for us. Instead of 1 worship venue and 1 kids’ space, we’ve expanded into 2 of each. The North Venue will stay as is. That’s where I will be teaching live at all 3 weekend services. Although the layout is different, the South Venue will be a duplicate of the North Venue. Both venues will have Security, Greeting Crew, a live worship band, Awaken Connect, coffee (because Sunday morning caffeination is important), and more. The main different will be that I’ll be teaching in the South Venue via HD video, reminding us even more that it’s not about the messenger, but about the message! In addition to all of that, the South Venue got a major upgrade in seating!

Kids’ Central & Kids’ Corner

Our current Awaken Kids’ space that houses all of our kids’ classrooms is also about to double. Our current space will now be known as “Awaken Kids’ Central,” and will be where all the little ones go: from 6 weeks to Kindergarten. Less than 100 feet across the parking lot (in the first-ever Awaken building), will be the new “Awaken Kids’ Corner.” Kids in 1st-5th Grade will head over there, which will has some great classrooms and worship space, and eventually will include a place for live group worship!
There will be no need to stand in line twice, even if you have kids going to both locations. You’ll be able to check kids in at either location, then drop your kids off where they go.

New Service Times

Since we’re doubling our seating capacity and kids’ space, we’ll be scaling back from 4 services to 3. Mark your calendars: our new service times will be Saturdays at 6pm and Sundays at 9 & 11am! Each service features live worship, great Bible teaching, and a rockin’ Awaken Kids’ Ministry!

Get Involved

As I’ve said many times, this expansion requires all hands on deck from Awakeners. If you’re not serving somewhere, there’s no better time to get involved than right now. Serving on Sunday got a little easier now too, since we only have two Sunday services, instead of three.

You can get more info and sign up to serve at the Awaken Connect Kiosk next time you’re at church, or you can sign up online at

You can also give toward this expansion and our future building by giving online.

One of the most important ways you can continually be involved is through prayer. Anyone from anywhere around the world can join us in praying, and if you’re near the Clarksville area, you can join us for prayer in person this Wednesday night (December 4) at the South Venue at 7:30pm.

God moves when His people pray, so join us!