Well, it’s Monday, October 21, and I’ve been 30 for 1 whole day now. Being 30 is exhausting. (Well, maybe I say that because the first day of my 30th year was spent preaching 3 times.) Either way, I know that the weekend of my 30th birthday was an unforgettable one. By God’s grace, Jenn & I shared some very exciting news with the church…

On March 8 of this year, Jenn and I shared for the first time publicly about our previous two miscarriages. They were painful and left us with us with questions, but we learned to trust God’s sovereignty in an even greater way. We were also profoundly reminded of a truth I preach all the time: life is fragile and fleeting. Although we barely know them on this side of heaven, we know that one day we will meet Eden and Ellis in heaven. They are far more a part of our future than our past!

God’s timing is amazing. On August 31, exactly one year to the date of Jenn’s surgery after our last miscarriage, we found out she is pregnant again! God redeemed a date that marked sadness and loss for us, and as He is known to do, replaced our sorrow with joy! Although we rejoiced, there was also a level of fear that Jenn and I both dealt with for the first few weeks. Would this pregnancy end the same as the last two did? Would we ever hear a heartbeat? I can’t tell you the joy that swept over both of us during our last two appointments when we heard a strong beating heart and watched our baby kicking and moving around. Those were landmarks we had never experienced with the last two!

Tuesday will mark 13 weeks for this pregnancy, and we couldn’t be happier about it. We’ve been planning to share the news with the church on this weekend. It was an added joy to share it on a weekend where I taught about the Shunemite couple who couldn’t have kids, but were blessed with a son by God! Point #1 in my message was “From Barren to Birth.” In a way, that’s where we find ourselves now too! Also, I got to pray with 3 people to give their lives to Jesus! More new life!

The big date is April 29, 2014. Easter is April 20, so if the baby decides to come on Easter Sunday, Jenn has already told me to preach anyway, then hurry to the hospital. What an Easter that would be!

If you’re wondering what the gender will be…so are we! You’ll find out after we do when the baby is born. We’ll go into the delivery room with a name picked out for either gender, and emerge with a son or daughter!

And one more thing…just because we’ve made it past the 10-week mark and now the first trimester, we know nothing is guaranteed for this baby either.  We daily live with the reality that this baby’s next heartbeat is no more guaranteed than our own. We don’t live in paranoia; we live in reality, and make the best of today. Tomorrow would be great, but it’s not guaranteed!