The Uprising is upon us. We’re just days away, and the anticipation and excitement are building. Here are a few ways you can be involved as we lead up to this exciting night…


It goes without saying that the battle will only be won through prayer. We believe the battle is super and natural. God has promised the victory, but that does not negate our responsibility. We will do everything we can within our natural ability, and trust God for the supernatural. Whether you live in Clarksville or somewhere else around the world, and whether you’re serving on a team already or not, please sign up for our prayer team HERE. You’ll receive daily updates on how to pray. We’ve had 2 prayer meet-ups already and our final one is this Friday at the venue!


Newspaper ads begin running this week; our TV commercial has been airing on MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, and more; and our radio ad airs this week on a hard rock station here in Clarksville. We’re doing all we can to spread the word, but the best advertising comes in the form of a personal invitation. Cover The City (today through Friday) is our initiative to get the word out to as many people as possible. Here’s a little story for your inspiration:

RonnieA guy who lives in Clarksville was going through a really hard time, so his mom who lives in California googled churches, found Awaken, and contacted us about reaching out to him. We tried, but he wasn’t interested. A few weeks later, someone happened to invite the very same guy to come to Awaken. He was blown away to receive an invite from the church his mom had contacted. He knew he had to go, so he came on Sunday and I got to meet him! His name is Ronnie, and he loved Awaken.

Your invitation is much more than a piece of paper – it could be an answer prayer! Your faithfulness to simply speak up could have an eternal impact on someone’s life! Don’t make excuses and don’t say “no” for other people. INVITE EVERYONE! What do you have to lose?


One of the girls who came to the prayer meet-up on Friday told me about how she’s been inviting her co-workers. She’s going above and beyond just the invitation though. She’s organized a dinner right after work on Friday, for any of her co-workers who want to go to the event. She’ll be serving at the venue already, but they’ve made plans for a restaurant to meet at, a select time, and they know when and where to meet her at the venue when they get there!

Statistics say that most people who make a decision for Christ at an event like this came with someone! That’s a great reminder about how powerful it is when you bring someone with you! Do not come alone. Organize a dinner, a caravan, or a carpool. Do whatever it takes to make plans to get your friends to The Uprising!

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