Monuments Drive the Movement.

We intentionally take time to remember and celebrate God’s faithfulness. Our past victories are vital for future success, and being used by God is a privilege and honor that we will never take for granted.

That’s one of the 12 items of our Code at Awaken, and because of that, we intentionally take time throughout the year to celebrate what God has done. Last weekend we celebrated 4 years as a church, and one thing we do for our birthday each year is build some numerical monuments. The numbers that we compile help us to visualize some of the amazing things God has done. The numbers are fun to see, but every number has a name and a story behind it. Although we celebrate the past, we don’t rest on it – we use it as motivation for the future.

After all, if God has been faithful and done amazing things in the past, why wouldn’t He in the future?

Here’s our 4-year infographic – enjoy!

Year 4 numbers1Year 4 numbers2Year 4 numbers3Year 4 numbers4