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More Groups, More Nights, and More Locations than ever before!

Awaken Groups is by far one of the best, most strengthening and sustaining things we do at Awaken. Just as a tall building needs a strong foundation, a growing church needs one too. In fact, much of the growth (numerically and in depth) of Awaken can be attributed to Awaken Groups. They are so vital to the individual and to the church as a whole.

The idea is simple: we fight the big battles together as a church on the weekends, then in homes throughout the week, we fight the smaller (but equally important) battles alongside each other.

Awaken Groups are laid back and discussion-driven. It’s not another Bible study that you should attend – they’re designed to help us live out the practical truths from the pervious weekend’s message.

Our Fall semester will be our biggest yet. In addition to offering 15 groups across Clarksville and Ft. Campbell on every night of the week, we will also be continuing our group in Charlotte, TN, and adding a group in Pembroke, KY!

17 groups in 3 cities, meeting every night of the week! Amazing!

It seems that there are always excuses when it comes to getting into a group, but with so many options, there are no excuses! Almost anyone can find a group that meets on a night that fits their schedule, near their home. In addition to the regular groups, we are also continuing some of our specialty groups as well: mens, womens, college-age, and students!

I can’t wait for the launch of our Fall semester – the fun kicks off on Sunday, August 18! If you’re new to Awaken Groups or switching groups this semester, make sure to be ready for next Monday, July 29 at 6:00pm sharp. Groups will fill up fast, so be ready!

Follow @AwakenChurch on Instagram as they highlight groups each day this week. You can also learn more and see a full roster at

It’s always good to hear what others are saying as well. Here’s a sampling of some of the feedback we got from last semester…

“Our group has been through a lot this semester…deployments, divorce, pregnancies, cancer, dealing with loved ones…just to name a few. Sharing these personal stories within our Awaken Group is what brings us all together. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways and it’s through these stories new friendships were made and old ones were strengthened.” – Amanda

“We had one couple who had a  financial need and another couple anonymously  met that need for them.” – Jeremy

“We had an amazing opportunity to be in a group with a lady from Brazil. We, as a group, had no idea the impact our everyday lives would have on her life. She went back to Brazil a changed person.” – Shannon