My friend, Levi McAllister, better known as ComeAndLive recording artist, Levi The Poet, is coming to Clarksville, TN for his very first time! I’ve been looking for an opportunity to host a show of some sort at a local downtown coffee shop called New South Coffee Co, and this seemed like the perfect fit.

Levi has been touring full-time for 4 years now, and has done shows across the nation as an opener and a headliner, at big venues like Cornerstone, and with organizations like XXXChurch. I’m honored to have him here in Clarksville on Wednesday, July 31 at 7pm for FREE! If you’ve never seen Levi live, you’re in for a show. He’s raw, real, and his words and style will grip you.

In addition to his 40-minute set, I’ll be doing some interview-style Q&A with him at the end. He’s been through a lot from a struggle with porn to the sudden death of his father, and he has a lot of great insight to share. You’ll hear about his pain and his hope through his poetry and interview.

Make plans to be there, and please don’t come alone. It’s FREE, after all, and New South will be staying open late just for us! Come hang.

Below are a promo video and a few other Levi The Poet videos – just to get you warmed up…