Awaken Easter was only two weeks ago, but things have been moving so fast, that it seems so long ago. Not only did we have our biggest service yet on Easter, but on the following weekend, we got to baptize a few of the 14 people who gave their lives to Jesus! There’s no way to tell all of their stories, but I wanted to share one in particular…

A little over a year ago, Michael Graham (now a pro MMA fighter) began attending Awaken. He came a few weeks, then attended our first-of-many Uprising events last March. He was 1 of 40 people who gave their lives to Jesus that night! Life went crazy for Mike after that, and although he strayed a bit, God was right there with him as always! For months, Mike was witnessing to a friend of his, Nick, a fellow fighter, and even brought him to a few events we had at Awaken. Nick wasn’t quite ready to commit, but Mike didn’t give up. He invited him to Easter, and as I gave the invitation that Sunday, Nick was one of the first people out of his chair, making a public decision to follow Jesus!

Last Sunday, Nick was at Awaken ready to take the next step in his walk with Christ: baptism! Nick, along with 17 other people, made their faith public through baptism last Sunday!

Nick (left), Mike (right)

Nick (left), Mike (right)

Mike wasn’t done though. This week, he texted me and told me he had gotten to lead another co-worker to Christ. That co-worker, Will, came to church with Mike this Sunday, along with his whole family!

That’s only one of many stories of what God is doing as He builds His Church! When the Gospel grips someone’s life, Satan better watch out!

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