That’s a wrap! Yes, I did eat a chicken wrap for lunch today, but that’s also a wrap on my two-week Church Planting block class. I believe that God used these last two weeks to do things that we may not see for years…but the ground is swelling and hearts are stirring!

On Wednesday before class, some of the students from my class organized a prayer meeting. 14 students took their lunch break to gather together to seek God’s will for church planting and ministry in general. What a joy to walk up and see that and get to listen in on their prayers.


And as if that wasn’t great enough, today gave even more proof that God is stirring their hearts. We spent the entire 4 hours today hearing from each student as they presented their Church Planting Project. The goal was to help them pray about, think through, and plan for a future potential church plant in the city of their choice.

I was blown away as one by one, they began to talk about cities around the world that God has been laying on their hearts over the last two weeks. From Acapulco to London and Haiti, from New York and Michigan to New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas, 25 cities were prayed for, researched, and discussed as potential sites for new ministries! If there were doubts in any of their hearts as they were talking about it, you couldn’t tell – there was passion and genuine heartfelt desire to reach these cities for Jesus!

At the end of class, a couple of the guys asked me if they could treat me to dinner. Word got out and it turned out to be 9 of us that went out to eat. BJ’s Restaurant is always great (because of the pizzookie), but the best part was how the night ended. 8 of the students that I’ve spent the last 2 weeks pouring into gathered around me outside of the restaurant and poured back into me. They laid hands on me and prayed for me, Awaken, and the ministry that lies ahead.

These two weeks have been extremely exhausting – mentally and physically, but they’ve been amazing. I’m teaching on prayer this Sunday at Awaken, and I’ve been asking God to teach me about prayer while I’m here. He definitely has! I’ve heard from Him, seen Him answer prayers, and been stirred in ways that I haven’t experienced in quite some time.

To the army of people praying for me here and back home, THANK YOU! God has answered our prayers not only in me, but through me, and in the lives of 25 students you may never meet! He is building His Church. To GOD be the glory!