Today in class, I had 2 special guests: 1 in person and another via video. Nobody in their right mind wants to hear my voice for 4 hours each day, so I’ve been trying to mix things up with interviews, videos, and group projects. Today we had a little of all.

Since Jenn is in town with the girls till tomorrow, I decided to bring her in for the first hour of class for some Q&A. It was great. She shared from the viewpoint of a pastor’s wife as well as someone who is part of the supportive role in a church plant. The class is very diverse, from guys leading church plants to girls who aren’t sure what’s next, so Jenn’s perspective was so refreshing and insightful. She and I shared for over an hour about the ups and down of our last 5 years, and finally had to stop the questions. Now I know, if I want the class to really fill up, tell them I’m bringing my wife – I had about 10 or 12 new students for the first hour!

After Jenn took off, we switched gears and took a few minutes for a group project. We explored Biblical examples of ways that God has revealed Himself to us: general revelation, specific revelation, personal revelation, and future revelation. It was amazing to see all of the ways God has made Himself known, then to be reminded that we exist to do the same!

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 8.27.24 PMOne way we do that is by harnessing every platform possible to make Jesus famous. I showed a video from my good friend, Nate Heitzig from Calvary Albuquerque, about how they use technology for ministry. He had some great things to add, including using technology to highlight the message and help people apply what they learned.

I’m no “pro” on the subject of technology, but if you know me, you know I love using any platform possible to further the gospel. Although technology wasn’t available back in the Bible times, I see Paul using letter-writing and quoting secular authors, while the books of Luke and Acts are basically old school blog posts written by Luke. I can only imagine how they’d use technology for the gospel if they had itwhich we do! And since we have it, it would only make sense that we’ll be held accountable for it.

I gave a list of things we have used (and still use) at Awaken to get the word out…

business cards,

post cards,

ticket-style invites,


radio ads,

TV commercials (coming for Easter 2013),

local newspapers,

city-wide events,

online videos,

social media,

and much more.

Although we spent a good hour discussing technology and advertising, we landed on this thought: the best advertising is something that we can’t manufacture – changed lives. When we step out in faith, and preach the Gospel faithfully, lives will be changed and people won’t be able to stay quiet…which is exactly how it should be!

That was a fitting way to end the class as we remembered that the battle is super and natural. We’ll do everything within our power to build the church and rely on God to do what only He can do: change lives!