Last night at Awaken, we did something that we’ve never done before: Winter Break Awaken Groups. We don’t normally meet in groups over the break, but there was so much excitement that had built from the last semester, that it just felt right. Many people who came to the last night of our group were sad that it was ending, so I told them we’d do more.

So, last night we invited everyone from the church to come, and it went awesome. We had a little over 30 adults show up, so we split up into 3 different groups with some of the leaders from last semester. It was a unique dynamic since many of the people who came have only been coming to Awaken for a week or longer. Most people met for the very first time in last night’s groups.

Some may think that would be really awkward, but it wasn’t at all. Every group had some great discussion based on last Sunday’s message. In our group, there was laughter, tears, honesty, and heartfelt prayers for each other.

What struck me as I sat in that circle was that I didn’t have to know people or have much in common with them at all, as long as we have Jesus in common. In fact, for some of us, that was about all that we had in common! We had a school teacher, a couple Army guys, a few single college-age people, some young married couples, etc. And although we grew up in different ways, in different states, we all had Jesus in common…and that’s all we needed!

If you go to Awaken, but you’re not connected, don’t miss our next Winter Break Awaken Group coming up Tuesday, January 15, 2013, and definitely don’t miss our Spring semester of Awaken Groups! We have some exciting things planned for this next semester!