It’s the day after The Uprising. I don’t know what a real hangover feels like (thankfully), but I think it’s similar to this (minus the alcohol and the regret). Everything seems a bit foggy and I’m trying to recall all the events of last night.

Through the fogginess, I’m thanking God for what He did last night and preparing a message for tomorrow as we celebrate at Awaken. I just got some pictures from last night though, and I had to write a quick blog to update the world on what went down in Clarksville, TN last night.

There’s no way for me to put into words what these events mean to me. We’ve done 2 so far, and there will be many more in the future. They’re always big leaps of faith for us as a church, but we believe that the Gospel is worth the risk.

After months of planning, prepping, and praying, last night we saw over 500 people come together, 102 volunteers from 7 different churches, and 19 decisions for Christ! Myself and many of the Uprising prayer team are taking the next 2 weeks to pray by name for those who gave their lives to Jesus. We want to do everything within our power to see disciples made, not just converts.

2 of the churches serving with us last night were brand new church plants in Clarksville, and I’m really hoping that some of these new believers will get involved there and grow with the church!

Here’s a few pics from last night. There will be many more to come. Tomorrow is a special day at Awaken as we take the day to pray and celebrate what God has done. He is so good!