3,288 days ago, I married this girl. We both moved out of our parents’ houses into our first apartment together. The whole thing was about the size of our current bedroom and bathroom. She even slept in her old bunk bed on the night before our wedding!

God definitely had a lot in store for us that we would have never guessed: middle school youth ministry, church planting, Tennessee, and much more. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve never once doubted that God paired me up with exactly the right girl. She accepted me for who I was — flaws and all — and she still does today. I haven’t stopped screwing up and she hasn’t stopped forgiving me.

The very first time that Jenn and I went to church together was the weekend right before we “officially” started dating. Our pastor just so happened to be in the middle of a series called “Life In The Single Lane.” The message was called “Finding the Love of Your Life,” and little did I know, that’s exactly what I was doing that weekend! That weekend, we learned one of the most important principles that set the tone for our dating relationship and marriage: the need for prayer. That following Tuesday, on our very first date together, we got in my truck, and began our date with prayer. To this day, we still pray together a few times per week, and we love it!

There’s no way to summarize the lessons I’ve learned, the ministry we’ve done together, the forgiveness that’s been extended (mostly from her to me), and the fun that’s been had.

I love my wife. She’s an amazing example of a Godly woman, mother, and wife, and I’m still convinced that Proverbs 31 was written with her in mind. I pray that our girls grow up to be just like their mother!

Happy 9 years, Jenn!