Months of planning, prepping, and praying have been building toward this Friday night at The Red Barn at Austin Peay for The Uprising! This is our second time at this venue and we can’t wait to fill it up with people. We’re praying that eternity changes for many people who come.

This week our second billboard went up, Facebook ads have been going for a week now, and we’ve hit Clarksville and nearby cities with over 13,000 postcards so far! In addition to that, this week is our final advertising push with an initiative we’ve titled Cover The City. We have at least 3 people or groups signed up for each of the 10 sections of the city where they will target this week with advertising, inviting, and praying. Wednesday is a night of prayer at a local church here in Clarksville, and Friday is the big day. To say we’re a little excited is a major understatement.

Last Thursday, as I prayed and looked over the text I’ll be speaking from, I was brought to tears thinking about all the people who will come who are lost and drowning in sin. I’m praying that this Friday is the day that everything changes.

In addition to billboards, Facebook, and personal invites, our radio spot also starts airing tonight on a local rock station here in Clarksville, Z975, and goes for the rest of the week. Make sure to listen to it below. And if you’re wondering why we’re not advertising on the local Christian station in town, the answer is simple: Christians aren’t our audience!

We’ve put a lot of money and effort into spreading the word so that on Friday we can spread the Word. It’s only through the power of the Word of God that lives will be changed. Join us in prayer for God to move!