Today, we are officially 4 weeks away from the second Uprising here in Clarksville. We’ve spent months and months of planning, prepping, and praying, and this weekend begins the big push…

Tonight at 6:30pm is the Join The Movement meeting, where people from around the city (I know of at least 5 churches that will be represented tonight) can come and sign up to get involved! It’s a big night as we get the teams stoked, united, and praying. We’ll have a couple giveaways as well, so it’s sure to be a good time.

This Sunday at Awaken is also a big push for The Uprising. Only twice in our 3 years as a church have we taken up a special offering, and this Sunday will be the third. One of the items of our “CODE” at Awaken is: Souls are the best way to invest. We believe it’s a privilege to partner with God in His pursuit of the lost, and one way that He’s given us an opportunity to do that is through our finances. As a church, we’ve taken this week to pray about how God would have each of us be invested in The Uprising. This Sunday, we’ll watch as God provides through our generosity!

Since we’re only 4 weeks out, this weekend also marks a great time to begin spreading the word everywhere we go. If you’re in the Clarksville area, I hope you’ll spread the word through social media, personal invites, and more. Be creative, have fun, and pray that God would change lives and change this city!

Here are some ways to get involved:

PRAY: Join the “1 Month of Prayer” Facebook group and get daily updates on what to pray for.

SERVE: Come to the Join the Movement meeting tonight at 6:30pm at Awaken and sign up to serve on a team.

GIVE: In addition to giving at Awaken this Sunday, anyone (from any location around the world) can give online through The Uprising website.

PROMOTE: Grab postcards and posters tonight at the meeting or this Sunday at Awaken and start spreading the word. Tonight, you can also sign up for “Cover The City” by selecting a section of the city that you’ll be targeting with prayers and invites! We’ve got an advertising kit ready to go for everyone who signs up tonight. If you need refills on promo material, let us know at

FOLLOW: Make sure to connect with The Uprising on Facebook, Twitter (@UprisingEvent), and Instagram (@UprisingEvent), and tell your friends to do the same. We’ll have a few social media giveaways as the date draws nearer, so you’ll be glad you connected.

This city is in need of Jesus. Let’s spread the word and fill up the Red Barn on November 9!