Today begins a 1-month prayer initiative for The Uprising. We worked really hard on a super edgy name for it. Ready? It’s called 1 Month of Prayer! See what we did there?

Since today is the 1-month mark for the event, we’re dedicating these final 31 days to praying for the event. We’re trusting God for all of the volunteers and the finances that we’ll need to run the event. This is a huge step of faith for the few of us churches that are involved, but we know God is big and trust that He can and will provide!

I’m reminded today of a quote from Martin Luther, who said,

“Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance; it’s laying hold of His willingness.”

By praying, we’re not just trying to beg God to do something He doesn’t want to do. Instead, we’re asking that He would do what the pages of Scripture say He wants to do: provide for His people, draw people to Himself, and prove His power and glory! We’re praying completely within His will when we pray for these things, so we can be sure of His answer.

1 Month of Prayer kicks off today with a day of prayer and fasting. If you’d like to join us by fasting, please do. If you can’t fast from food, fast from social media, or TV, or something else, and dedicate that time you would have spent on that to prayer. You can also join the 1 Month of Prayer group on the Uprising’s Facebook page for daily updates on what to pray for and how to pray!

If you’d like to be involved by serving (any church or denomination is welcome to join!), come to the Join the Movement meeting THIS FRIDAY, October 12. It will be held at Awaken Church (585 S Riverside Dr) at 6:30pm. Childcare will be provided, and all the teams that are open for you to serve on will be available for signup! In addition to the Uprising website, you can RSVP for that meeting and spread the word via Facebook as well.

And, if you’d like to be involved financially, this Sunday at Awaken, we’ll be taking up a special offering just for The Uprising! I asked the church to be praying this week about how they’d be financially involved. God may lead some of you to give $10, or maybe He’s really blessed you financially, and you can write a check to fund the whole event. Whatever God lays on your heart, be obedient. You can give this Sunday at Awaken or any time online on The Uprising website.

The stakes are high and Satan is playing for keeps. Let’s trust God for the impossible and pray like He is who He says He is!