Recently at Awaken, we shifted the way we approach giving. Until just recently, giving got a small mention pretty much each Sunday, and that was about it. Since we don’t pass an offering plate and giving just got a quick shout out, it almost felt like we were scared to talk about money. I know that money in church is a controversial subject for many, probably due a lot to the many ways it’s been misused and abused over the years. However, I felt like we had swung too far in the opposite direction.

So over the last few months, we’ve added a “giving” portion to each service. It’s still not much (60-90 seconds), but worshiping through giving now has its own portion of each service. Our reasoning is simple: not only is it our job as the leaders of the church to lead people into worship through singing, serving, and studying God’s Word, but also through giving.

In addition to that, Awaken is largely made up of a lot of young believers who are still learning what it looks like to follow Jesus (I LOVE that about Awaken!). So, part of our responsibility to them is to lead them in the area of giving as well as everything else.

My motivation has never been “we need more money,” but simply the benefits of honoring God through our finances. I know firsthand the blessings that come from being faithful with our finances, and I want everyone to experience that. Truth be told, most Christians are missing out on multiple dimensions of their walks with Jesus because they’re not being faithful stewards of what God has given them (money and talents).

If you an extra have 4 minutes and 9 seconds, watch the video below as I explain our philosophy on giving at Awaken Church. We truly believe that souls are the best way to invest.

And while we’re on the subject, if you’d like to be financially invested in the ministry of Awaken Church or our city-wide outreach, The Uprising, click and give as God leads!