It was Hudson Taylor, the great missionary to China, who said that if your spouse, kids, friends, and even the dog or cat in your house weren’t glad that you became a Christian, it’s doubtful that you really did. That’s a challenging thought, but his point was that your faith in Christ should permeate every relationship you have.

A couple years back, I heard about a church whose New Year’s message was entitled, “Don’t Put Jesus First,” which was pretty controversial when they advertised it. As many people chose their New Year’s resolutions, the pastor wanted to drive home a point: Don’t just tell your spouse that you love Jesus more than them – live that out, and allow your relationship with Jesus to permeate every other relationship. Not so controversial, after all, right?

Here’s the point: as you pursue Jesus and His purpose for your life, that should deeply impact the way you see your job, school, and every relationship in your life. Loving Jesus should make you love your spouse more, treat your boss with more respect, speak respectfully to elders and those in authority, be a law-abiding citizen, and more. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that something is different with you…and it should be attractive.

Jesus did not set you free so you could blend in. We’re called to be set apart.

So, the question is simple: does your love for Jesus permeate your life? It should be life-changing and all-encompassing. If not, today is the day to change that.