Never have I felt the sacrifice that so many people make for my freedom than since I moved to Clarksville. There is almost never a day that goes by when I don’t see someone in their Army gear driving around town or even showing up at church. In fact, some of my closest friends are often in and out due to their military career.

Last Sunday, we had the privilege of hosting a deployment send-off for some of America’s finest who attend Awaken Church. We had many families (military and non-military) who braved the 103-degree heat to show their support. We prayed for them, encouraged them, collected donations for their care boxes, and snapped some pictures. It was a very memorable day.

2 years ago, Clarksville felt the impact of a big deployment. Awaken Church really felt it, since the majority of our church deployed! One Wednesday night, I taught with 3 women in our service and 4 women watching 18 kids in Kids Ministry!

This time, although the church won’t shrink to a small women’s ministry, we will still feel the weight of a large deployment. Half of our worship team is deploying, as well as members of our Greeting Crew, Cleaning Crew, Awaken Kids team, and more. And although we hate to say goodbye for the next few months, I am happy to know that those who leave have a strong church family behind them.

To our military families: you fight for us, and we fight for you! Thanks for continuing our independence by sacrificing your safety and time with your family. You are in our prayers and will never be forgotten!

For me, July 4th has never been full of so much meaning and patriotism as the last 3 have been, since I moved to this great city! We love you all! Thanks for your service!