Right after 9/11 happened, I remember seeing bumper stickers pop up everywhere with a simple phrase:


At first, it seemed so obvious. How could anyone forget the horrible events of that day? Almost 11 years later, I can remember being in my truck hearing about it on the news, the crisp, cold air of the morning on my way to school, and so many other details. How could I ever forget?!

The sad truth, however, is that time can be the enemy of memory. The longer we have to move past it, heal, and experience new things, the easier it is to forget.

God knows that about His people. It’s no wonder that throughout the Bible, you’ll find Him telling people to set up memorials and altars and signs to remind future generations of His faithfulness. Although many of the people who marched through the dried up Jordan River would never forget the events of that day, others could very easily. The memorial of stones outside the river bed was for that generation as well as future generations. It served as a visual sermon when doubt began to creep in.

Memorials aren’t only for Old Testament people though – Jesus set up a few of them for us as well. He gave us Communion so that we could have an all-senses reminder of His sacrificial death. He also gave us baptism so that we could demonstrate the internal change God has made in us. They’re both very important.

Last Sunday, I got to baptize 5 people at Awaken. 1 guy gave his life to Jesus at the 10:15 service, then came back to get baptized that afternoon. Another girl recently came to Christ just a few months ago and got baptized. I also got to baptize a brother and sister as well as their dad (they were the last 3 of a family of 6 that I got to baptize)! It was such a joy to be a part of such a special day in their lives!

At Awaken, we’ve also added a gallery of pictures in the entryway of the church building. When you walk in, you’ll see pictures of The Uprising, people giving their lives to Jesus, baptisms, the flood, our first church service, and more. That’s another way that we remember God’s faithfulness and purpose in our hearts to never forget.

What are some ways you remind yourself of God’s faithfulness?