During the Uprising, everyone had a different point of view. Some saw people filing in the doors, others saw the stage get set up and torn back down, and others were backstage as the bands played and message was taught. I also had a unique point of view, as I stood on the stage and presented the Gospel. However, some of my favorite stories came from people I didn’t see…


A few people told me about a guy wearing a 666/Pentagram shirt that came forward and gave his life to Jesus. That’s the spiritual equivalent of a sports player walking to the other team and switching jerseys. Satan must be bumming about that guy!


Two of the girls who joined us from Albuquerque told me of a group of friends they saw walk in during my message. There were 4 of them and they looked pretty skeptical of the “preacher guy” on the stage. These two girls felt led by the Lord to pray for them, and so they did, for the rest of the time I taught. At the end, when I gave the opportunity for people to raise their hands to accept Christ, the first hand in the air was from one of the guys in that group of friends. The other three were shocked, but not only was his hand the first in the air, he was one of the first to leave his seat and come forward to pray! He couldn’t wait to surrender his life to Christ, regardless of what his friends might say!


After the message, during the concert, I walked outside and saw a young guy with a new believer’s pack in his hand. I asked him about the decision he had made that night. He told me he had always believed he was good enough, and had grown up in the Catholic church, but that night, he knew something had to change. He had the religion part down, but the relationship was lacking. In his packet, he had received a Bible, and he couldn’t wait to read a version of the Bible without the “thee” and “thou” verses!

Those are just a few of the stories of changed lives from The Uprising, but I know there are many, many more. I’ve already heard of people who were directly and indirectly effected by that night, lives that were changed, and faith that was sparked. I believe when the message goes up online, even more will be impacted as well!

Praise God for using a 150+ nobodies to tell a bunch of people about JESUS!

If you gave your life to Jesus at The Uprising, we’d love to hear your story! Email us at info@wearetheuprising.com if you’d like to share!