One thing I talk about a lot at Awaken is re-gifting the gift God has given you.

Don’t act like you don’t know what re-gfiting is. You’ve probably opened a gift, and as you’re thanking the person for the generous gift, you’re simultaneously thinking of who you could re-gift that gift to.

Every Christian has been given a gift, so that’s not the question. The question is, what will you do with the gift you’ve been given?

(picture by Angela Ashcraft)

As we’ve been prepping for The Uprising over the last few months, I’ve been so encouraged by the amount of re-gifting I’ve been seeing. A great example of that is the tattoo fundraiser that just happened last weekend. A tattoo artist that attends Awaken, Haley, got the idea to offer 5 different tattoo designs on a set date that she’d tattoo on your skin for a minimum donation of $50. Slots filled up quickly, and Haley spent all Saturday afternoon inking people from Awaken, in support of The Uprising.

Haley has a powerful story, which you should take some time to read when you can. She has a lot of tattoos and piercings, and if you come to Awaken, you won’t be able to miss her bright red hair and her infectious smile. Sometimes she’s greeting at the front door, and she serves in Awaken Kids every Sunday. Tattooing was something she was highly involved in in her past, but that she hadn’t done for a long time…until Saturday. The difference is, this time, she was tattooing for Jesus! Her fundraiser is just one example of how God can use our talents and abilities for His glory and an eternal purpose. The hundreds of dollars she was able to give to The Uprising will have an eternal impact on souls.

Tattooing is just one way I’ve seen people re-gift. I’ve also seen a team of musicians and worship leaders come together for practice, gearing up to lead people in loud, passionate worship that night. People have signed up to serve in every position from the merch table to the green room, from a full day of set up before the event to hours of tear down after. We have a full security crew, greeters, ushers, stage hands, video personnel, photographers, a street team, and so much more! We even have a local engraving shop who heard about the event and is donating 700 guitar picks with the Uprising logo on it.

The vision for this event is simple: We want to see churches united, Christian empowered, and sinners saved, under the name of Jesus. We are The Uprising – we’re not ok with just sitting around while people far from Christ die and spend eternity apart from God. We’re rising up to do something about it.

It’s been incredible to see the first 2 pieces of that vision happen already. We have a handful of churches from around the city and from multiple denominations who have attended the Join the Movement meetings, signed up to serve, and even donated financially to The Uprising. In addition to that, we’re also seeing Christians be empowered to use their gifts and creativity to play a part in this massive event.

Of course the goal of uniting churches and empowering Christians is to see the final piece of the vision take place: sinners saved. Every person who serves and invites a friend plays a part in making that happen! It’s amazing what God can do when His people unite!