Tomorrow begins a new season at Awaken: we move from 2 Sunday morning services to 3 (8:30am, 10:15am, 12pm) and we kick off a verse-by-verse study through Revelation! Awaken Groups are now in full-swing as well – each group has met once now and will meet 12 more times over this semester. The Uprising is also right around the corner (and we have a HUGE announcement about that dropping today at 3:14pm at, then Easter comes just 3 weeks after that (which we also have big plans for this year)!

Needless to say, this is a crazy season, so in the midst of it all, I’ve been keeping my eyes on 3 things…

1) Jesus. Of course. He’s the reason we do it all and our strength to keep going.

2) My wife. Not only is she amazingly gorgeous, but she’s a huge support to me, my best friend, and a constant source of encouragement to keep going strong. Our times of prayer together are even more fuel for the fire!

3) My team. I couldn’t do it all without them. That goes for my church staff, as well as everyone serving in a ministry, praying, supporting the church financially, etc. I could never do all that I do without the support of a faithful team.

Thanks to all who play such a big part in the ministry of Awaken. Not only are you reaching MANY people for Jesus, but you’re refreshing me while you’re at it! Double win!

P.S. Tomorrow’s forecast during church shows snow. You better believe Awaken is still in session – all 3 services! Don’t let the forecast scare you. Strap on some snow boots and get to church tomorrow – the coffee will be hot and the worship will be rocking’! You won’t want to miss the launch of Revelation!


Oh, and one more thing: wait till you see what we’ve done to the stage! WOW!