Over the last 2 weeks at Awaken, we did something crazy: we studied the ENTIRE Bible. That’s right. All 66 books. It was crazy, but it was a blast.

I was teaching the book of Philemon in January, but as we looked ahead, we knew there would be 2 weeks between Philemon and the launch of our verse-by-verse study through Revelation, called The Reckoning (beginning Feb 19). I talked to my team as we discussed some options of what to do on those 2 weeks. We talked about having a couple guest speakers so that I could take some time to really prep for Revelation, but then we came up with something completely different. What if we took 2 weeks to study through the ENTIRE Bible in prep for the final book of the Bible?

It sounded crazy. But the the people at Awaken are crazy…and they LOVE the Bible, so we decided to go for it.

Normally I spend between 10-15 hours in prep for a message, but these last 2 weeks have been closer to 20 each. I’m used to teaching a few verses at once, so taking 39 entire books, then 27 was a bit intimidating, to say to the least. But it was so worth the extra time. Not only was it highly beneficial to me and to the church to learn a broader picture of the scope and reliability of Scripture, but God also used these 2 messages to bring 3 people to new life in Christ! Incredible.

If you missed either message, you can watch both below. You may also want to re-watch them to catch some of the things that you didn’t have time to write down (we were going at warp-speed part of the time).

Hope you enjoyed THE BOOK. It was a blast to teach.

And if this is a little too much for you, never fear. Next Sunday, we’ll study 3 verses instead of 39 books!

THE BOOK Part 1: Old Testament

THE BOOK Part 2: New Testament