Merry Christmas!

Let me guess, you’re reading this while still in your PJs? That’s ok. It’s Christmas Day! Just do us all a favor and put some real clothes on before walking out of the house today!

I wanted to invite you to join us online for a Christmas message we put together for today. I’ve been encouraging our church to be intentional and invitational this Christmas season, and we wanted to give them a hands-on way to do that. So, at each of our Christmas Eve services yesterday, we handed out “Christmas Kits” complete with hot chocolate, candy canes, a Christmas card, and a DVD with a special Christmas message.

If you weren’t able to make it to one of our Christmas Eve services, you missed out on an awesome time, but you can still watch the video below.

Before you do that, though, would you do me a favor?

Copy and paste the sentence below into a tweet, Facebook post, email, or whatever other method you choose to spread the word. We pray this creates a way for you to discuss the story of Christ and the impact He still has today.

Merry Christmas! Take a few minutes & watch this short Christmas message with some family or friends!

Jesus gave Himself once as a baby in a manger, again as a man on a cross, and He keeps giving today by providing mercy and grace whenever we need it (Hebrew 4:16). Jesus is the gift that keeps on giving!

Merry Christmas and God bless!