This year, Christmas falls on a Sunday, which makes things unique for churches around the nation. We played around with a lot of ideas this year at Awaken, but we decided to approach the situation in a unique way. We decided to have church on Christmas Day…but not in our typical way.

At both of our Christmas Eve services this year (3 & 5pm), we’ll be handing out “Christmas Kits” to each family in attendance. Each Christmas Kit contains a Christmas card with a summary of my Christmas message on the back, packs of hot chocolate for each family member, some candy canes, and a DVD. The DVD will contain a 13-minute Christmas message that we spent 5 hours filming last week.

One thing I stress to my church each year is that Christmas is a unique time of the year when people are naturally talking about Jesus already. So we should use that to our advantage as much as possible. People are much more willing to go to church for Christmas and talk about Christmas as the holiday approaches. I also wanted to remind the church that our church building isn’t the only place that we can meet with Jesus and talk Christmas – we should be doing it in our homes and neighborhoods anyway.

So, in an effort to equip people with some conversation starters, as well as encourage discussing the beauty behind the holiday, we’re not canceling services this year at Awaken – we’re moving them to living rooms around the world. I say “world” because not only will the Christmas teaching be available by DVD in our Christmas Kits here in Clarksville, but it will also be streaming all day on our website at We’re encouraging people to post a link on their Facebook, Twitter, or blog, so they can share this Christmas gospel message with people all over the world.

We look forward to hearing stories of deployed soldiers celebrating Christmas with us from Afghanistan, as well as family members and friends in California, New York, Brazil, and many other places.

The challenge for Awaken Church this year is to be intentional and invitational. Christmas is a unique time of year and we want to use every opportunity that we can to share the Gospel with as many people as we can.

Will you pray with me that God would use the Christmas teaching in a powerful way this year? We want to reach as many people as possible with it, and I’m praying that many people will pray with me at the end of the teaching to give their lives to Jesus!

If you live in Clarksville and you’re sentimental about going to a church on Christmas Day, here are a few churches in the city that are having service on Christmas Day…

LifePoint Church: 10am

Xtreme Church: 10am

Hilldale Baptist: 9:45am