These last few weeks have been challenging for the Miller family, but especially the last few days. Our youngest daughter turned 2 on Tuesday, but had developed a fever and kindness infection days before. The week was spent in and out of doctor’s offices, an ER (with a 6-hour wait), and eventually our local hospital. Adalyn spent 3 entire days in a hospital room, most of the time with a fever, very little sleep, and an IV. It was miserable for all of us. While I tried to find time to sleep and study for our Wednesday and Sunday services, we also had to pass our older daughter off to friends and family so that Jenn or I could be with Adalyn in the hospital.

The great thing about hospitals, however, is that they have a very effective way of realigning your priorities. I slept 1 night in a hospital bed, and took quite a few strolls down the halls filled with scurrying nurses, crying babies, and beeping IV machines. Although Adalyn didn’t enjoy her stay too much, for the most part, she did really well. In fact, it was her singing that helped me to remember the proper perspective.

She sang quite a few songs while in her hospital bed, but the one she sang the most was my favorite by far. She sang Desert Song by Hillsong, which speaks about the fact that we have a reason to sing regardless of what season we’re in.

Although Adalyn probably didn’t understand the depths of her words, I was amazed at what I witnessed. There was my 2-year old daughter, on the week of her 2nd birthday, hooked up to an IV, living in a hospital for 3 days with a high fever and a severe kidney infection, and yet the words that came out of her mouth were:

“All of my life, in every season, You are still God, and I have a reason to worship…”

Watch the video below and be reminded that wherever you are in life and whatever you’re going through, if you know Jesus, you have a reason to sing!