When God lays a ministry idea on my heart, often times the rational, cautious, budgeting side of me is the first enemy to shoot the idea down. I immediately say things like, “I don’t think anyone would even come to that” or “There’s no way we can afford an event like that.” I don’t even wait for Satan to come in with discouragement or frustrations – I save him the hassle by shooting it down before he even has a chance. I’ve done it quite a few times throughout my years of ministry, but thankfully I’ve learned my own tendency to do this and have been able to work against it.

What I’ve learned to to do is this: when an idea for ministry comes to mind or the opportunity to take a step of faith presents itself, before I do anything with it, I take a few days to just pray about it. When I say “a few days,” I do not mean 365 days – I mean 3 or 4. I feel that a lot of Christians miss opportunities to see God use them because they’re just sitting there praying for God to use them…but that’s a different blog altogether.

When these opportunities arise, prayer is vital, because it realigns me with the God I serve and the One who will be funding the event if we go through with it.

Sometimes through prayer, I realize that it was probably more my idea than anything else, and I end up not doing it. More often, however, I’m reminded that God spoke things into existence and mandated sharing the Gospel with the world. With Him on my side and that command being lived out, what do I have to worry about?

Has God given you an idea for ministry or sharing your faith with someone? Do you feel led in a certain direction? Is there a step of faith that you should be taking that you’ve been praying about for way too long now?

Don’t shoot it down!

If people will hear about Jesus through it, your motives are right, and you’re going through the proper channels to make it happen, what are you waiting for? Take a leap of faith and don’t look back!