You may have seen this commercial for Boar’s Head turkey lunch meat…

Did you catch the last line of the commercial? “Boar’s Head Oven Gold Turkey: Compromise Elsewhere.

It is a funny commercial, and they certainly have a point – nobody wants to eat turkey meat with fat and seaweed extract in it. The irony, however,  is that we live in a culture where a commercial promoting uncompromising purity in lunch meat may air right before a commercial for Desperate Housewives or on the same channel as a company promoting pornography.

Although Boar’s Head didn’t set out to encourage infidelity in marriage, the commercial highlights our misaligned priorities.

Where along the way did we begin to think that it’s ok to compromise in marriage and sexual morality, but not when it comes to lunch meat? I’d say if we needed to pick an area of compromise, it would obviously be the lunch meat (although I’m not recommending seaweed turkey).

In the last week at Awaken Church, the topic of spiritual battles and Satan’s clever schemes has come up a lot. Whether it’s through his lies and trickery (Joshua 9) or his constant bombardment of temptation through any means possible (James 1:12-18), Satan is on the prowl, and we need to be prepared.

If a faithful walk with Christ had a slogan, it could be summed up well by saying, “Compromise NOWHERE.”

Remember this: The best possible life you can live is a life of complete surrender to Jesus Christ.

Compromise and complacency always lead to regret and guilt. As Warren Wiersbe put it, “Satan never gives any gifts, because you end up paying for them dearly.”

If there’s an issue that is causing compromise in your life, TODAY is the day to deal with it. Don’t let it go on a day longer. God has provided a way of escape from every temptation and right now is the time to say, “NO!”

Compromise NOWHERE.