I ate at a Chinese buffet a few days ago – I love Chinese food. As I browsed the buffet, I filled up my plate with some fried rice, an egg roll, some honey chicken, then I came to the next dish. It looked like some sort of chicken on a stick, but I didn’t know for sure what it was. So I checked the label on the glass and found that they had created a very clever title for the unknown dish. They called it: “Chicken On A Stick.” Clever, right? No need to disguise it or fancy it up – it’s chicken, and it’s on a stick. There’s no need to call it anything else!

One thing that I love about the Bible is its brutal honesty. It’s not afraid to call sin, “SIN,” even when no one else will. We’ve come up with all these clever, politically correct terms to disguise sin: “sexual orientation,” “disease,” “generational curse,” and so on. The Bible looks at each of those cleverly disguised issues and calls them “SIN.” There’s no need to call it anything else.

We need that honesty from Scripture. Too many people are on a hunt for a feel-good, pat-on-the-back mini-sermon from the Bible, and although you will find endless encouragement from God’s Word, it will also convict, direct, and confront. And that can get a little uncomfortable.

On Sunday, we took an unapologetic look at Scripture’s blatant honesty as Joshua and Israel stood in the wilderness reading out a list of blessings and curses that would come as a result of obedience or disobedience. I refuse to apologize for Scripture’s honesty. In fact, I told the church that if they were looking for a candy-coated, watered-down, non-offensive version of the Bible, they’d have to pull out a Yellow Pages and find a new church. That’s not what Awaken is all about.

God’s Word is the primary tool that He uses for spiritual renewal. I refuse to dilute its potency based on whether or not someone will get offended. The truth is that God’s Word is offensive. Get over it.

In our own lives, we need to get used to calling sin what it is. Don’t come up with a clever disguise or excuse for it. It’s sin and it is the reason that Jesus went to the cross. Recognize God’s hatred of it and your need to get rid of it!

And if you’re wondering how long you should wait to begin obeying, here’s the answer: not one more second. Obey RIGHT NOW.


If you missed Sunday’s message or you’d like to watch again, here it is…