About a month ago, we added these small QR code cards to our repertoire of cards at Awaken. They’re specifically designed to target the smartphone crowd and I purposely left them ambiguous in order to pique someone’s interest. The QR code leads smartphone browsers to a mobile web page (if you have a QR reader, scan the code to the left) with a video, links to our social media, a map, service times, and church phone number. It’s real basic. I hoped someone would pick one up, and be intrigued enough to scan the code and learn more about the church.

Rewind back to last Sunday at Awaken…

At the 11am service, there were plenty of new faces, but 2 of the ladies, Jessica & Beth, who came for the first time walked in right as we were starting. As I preached later on, I had this crazy feeling that much of what I was saying that morning was meant for them (although I hadn’t even met them yet). At the end of the message, I prayed and gave an invitation for people to give their lives to Jesus. I was amazed when they both raised their hands, then came forward to pray to receive Christ!

We prayed as a church for them, then they went to the back room with Nate for a few minutes where he gave them some new believer resources and prayed for them as well. As they walked out, I went back to meet them, and like I often do, I asked how they heard about the church. This is another part that amazed me…

Jessica told me that she and Beth had gone to rent a movie at Red Box a few days prior. Someone from Awaken had apparently left one of the QR cards on the Red Box and Jessica picked it up. She had just gotten a new Droid smartphone and knew she could scan the QR code, so she pulled out her phone. (She has recently been diagnosed with MS and it’s been very challenging for her. She’s suffered from a lot of fatigue and has been falling asleep often.) As she scanned the QR code, the first thing that popped up was “AWAKEN” and the words “IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP.” Considering her recently diagnosed disease and constant fatigue, she was blown away, and turned to her friend Beth and said, “We need to check this out. We need to stop renting movies and go to church!”

So, the very next Sunday, they brought all 6 of their kids, and joined us for church. Jesus met them there in that moment and they both came forward, in tears, to commit their lives to Jesus Christ!

As I talked to Beth she said, “We both had put our trust in men, but it was the wrong Man. Now we know.”

In case you’re wondering “QR” Code stands for Quick Response Code. Jessica & Beth’s story puts a whole new spin on “Quick Response,” doesn’t it?

If your church has flyers, business cards, postcards, or something to hand out or leave behind at a restaurant, Red Box, gas station, or wherever, don’t overlook the power of how God can use that in someone’s life. Also don’t overlook the power of a personal invite. Be bold. Speak up. Tell someone about what God is doing in your life – you might be surprised at how God uses your story!