Awaken Groups is back from the dead…well, it wasn’t ever dead, just on R&R.

Last night at Awaken, we began advertising for the upcoming semester of Awaken Groups and went LIVE.

Awaken Groups exist to help us go from going to church to being the church! The corporate times of worship and Bible study are vital, but so are relationships outside of the church walls.

Awaken Groups are available for everyone: students and adults. They are laid back, discussion-driven small groups that are designed to help you with practical, day-to-day application of the previous Sunday’s message. There will be food, coffee, friends, prayer, fellowship, and application of God’s Word. The early church was founded on much of that (not coffee, unfortunately) and we still need it today.

This semester of Awaken Groups will run for 13 weeks, beginning the week of September 11.

Signup will be a little different this year – we’re going all digital!

Signup will begin on Saturday night, August 27 at 6pm CST at Groups will be capped at 12 per group (except the student group – there’s no limit there!), so you’ll want to make sure to signup as soon as possible so that you can get into the group you want. We’ll also have signup available at Awaken beginning the following Sunday, August 28. That will also be online – we’ll have someone at the Awaken Groups table to register you online for the group of your choice.

Make sure to swing by the Awaken Groups website today to figure out which group will work best for your schedule!