Romans is one of the greatest doctrinal books ever written. It’s basically a 16-chapter Christian theology book – short and to the point. Here are a few things some people have said about Romans…

“The most profound book in existence.” – Coleridge

“The chief part of the New Testament and the very purest Gospel.” – Luther

“A thorough study of the epistle is really a theological education in itself.” – Griffith Thomas

Paul wrote it to the believers that were living in Rome, where he eventually planned to visit after he ran an errand to the church in Jerusalem.

Romans contains some well-known and extremely important passages to the Christian faith:

— “The Romans Road” is a pathway from sin to salvation found in Romans. Although there are different versions, it normally consists of 5 verses…

1) Romans 3:23 – the need for salvation

2) Romans 6:23a – the consequence for rejecting salvation

3) Romans 6:23b, 5:8 – the free gift of salvation

4) Romans 10:9 – the process of salvation

5) Romans 5:1 – the results of salvation

The Romans Road is a great tool to keep with you in your Bible, but more importantly in your mind. It’s simple, Biblical proof of our sin and need for a Savior. Make sure these verses are underlined in your Bible for quick reference when talking to someone who needs Jesus.

— Paul is also brutally honest about the battle we’ve all fought between flesh and spirit. We know the right things to do, but for some reason we’re doing the wrong thing. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. The great thing about Paul is that he always bring the solution back to Jesus…

“O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? I thank God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!” – Romans 7:24-25a

— Romans also contains the powerful passage in Romans 12 about being transformed by the Lord from the inside out. He spent 11 chapters proving the glory and power and wisdom of God so that in chapter 12, he could appeal to logic. Romans 12:1 says that it is “your reasonable service” to present your body as a living sacrifice to God. In other words, in light of what He’s done,  it just makes sense!

Romans was actually the 6th letter that Paul wrote. Although it came later in his ministry (probably around his third missionary journey), it was necessary to include it up front in the New Testament so that we’d learn the theology that the rest of the New Testament is based on.

Because of its depth, it’s really pretty crazy that we read through Romans in just 2 sessions. I would highly encourage you to take some time to go back through the book at a slower pace. Grab a good commentary on it (Warren Weirsbe has a great commentary for starters, and my pastor, Skip Heitzig, has some great resources too) and do some spiritual surgery. Our depravity and God’s mercy is put on display in an undeniable way throughout the book. I’ll bet as you sit down to dismantle it, it will in turn, dismantle you.

Speaking of our depravity…next up is 1 Corinthians!