Normally, the term “watered down” is a negative thing, but not this time…

The sermon I’m referring to is the baptism that Awaken had last Friday. We talked a lot about how baptism is meant to as visual sermon. Dunking them under the water tells a story of a commitment and change that has already taken place in their lives. Friday night was a party: we had about 80 people show up and Nate and I got to baptize 10 people!

It’s pretty amazing that we baptized 10 people when you consider the fact that this time last year, that’s about as many people attended Awaken!

One of the guys I got to baptize, Eric, has a pretty amazing story. He gave his life to the Lord last September at Awaken’s first birthday, then I got to do he and his wife’s wedding ceremony, I baptized him on Friday, and I’ll be dedicating their son next Sunday! It’s amazing what God has brought him out of and who he is now.

Another couple, Joe and Haley, were baptized together on Friday (I always love that). They came to Awaken with a friend for their first time just a couple weeks ago. On their very first time there, they both walked forward, tears in their eyes, ready to give their lives to Christ!

Those are just a few of the stories. There were also a few wives whose husbands are deployed right now, a set of 4 sisters, and more. What a night!

Between the baptism, Communion at church today, and the message from Joshua 4 about building a monument to remember God’s faithfulness, this weekend was all about remembrance. We even got to see another guy give his life to Christ today (pray for Alan!)!

God is at work here in Clarksville and it’s so fun to be a part of!

Here’s a video recap of the baptism from Friday night…