Today is Day 50 in our journey through the Bible in 90 days.

This stature of yours is like a palm tree,
And your breasts like its clusters.

I said, “I will go up to the palm tree,
I will take hold of its branches….”

– Song of Solomon 7:7-8

“Whoa. Was that really in the Bible?! Is that talking about what I think it’s talking about?”

Yeah, it was. Sex, love, romance, physical desire, dating, and more sex – it’s all over the 8 chapters of Song of Solomon. Why is that? Because GOD CREATED SEX. It was His idea. He’s glorified by it (in its proper context).

In short, GOD LOVES SEX.

Unfortunately, although God created sex and is glorified by it, the world has taken it and perverted it.

Song of Solomon gives a glimpse of what a pure, Godly relationship looks like between a man and a woman. It’s passionate, it’s fun, and it’s God-glorifying.

Many people try to turn Song of Solomon into an allegory about Christ’s love for the Church. Although Jesus does passionately love us, that’s not what is being portrayed in this love story. It’s about a real man and a real woman – falling in love, getting married, and making it last (what a nice change of pace from our culture, huh?).

Song of Solomon was written by Solomon, probably when he was young and in love. Later, he became so intoxicated by this feeling of love that he tried to get it from many women (about 1,000 of them – to be exact – 1 Kings 11:3).

Song of Solomon can be broken up into 3 main sections: courting and preparing for marriage (chapters 1-3), honeymoon and marriage (chapters 4-5), and making it last (chapters 6-8).

One theme that runs throughout the book is purity and patience. The phrase “don’t awaken love until it pleases” appears throughout the book reminding us that love has an appropriate time to be awakened, but it’s not something to play around with. Chapter 2 mentions the foxes that will ruin the vineyard. Foxes are things like lust, impatience, and selfishness. Capture them before they destroy! In chapter 4, the beloved speaks of her sister being “a garden enclosed.”

Our culture NEEDS Song of Solomon!

For one, part of God’s will for us is sexual purity (1 Thessalonians 4:3-5). The Bible only says “this is God’s will” 3 times, and that is one of them – I’d say we should pay attention! In a world where 85 year Hugh Hefner is dating multiple 20-something-year old blondes and having ongoing sexual encounters with them all, pornography is at our fingertips, and guys like Anthony…I forget his name…can’t keep his pants zipped, we need to pay attention to GOD’s plan for sex. The world’s obviously is not working!

We need more people who will be “a garden enclosed.”

Another reason we need Song of Solomon is to help people understand that God doesn’t hate sex. In fact, as I mentioned above, He loves it. It was His idea – He created it! Unfortunately, man has taken something intended to glorify God and made it into something to glorify man. We’ve perverted it. It’s time to GIVE SEX BACK. We need to hand it back to God and allow it to glorify Him as it was intended (within the context of marriage: one man and one woman).

Song of Solomon is a bit steamy at times, but that’s the way it was meant to be. After all, you read Proverbs 5, right? It says for husbands to be enraptured by their love for their wife. That’s not passive, if I have time, if we get a chance, love – it’s passionate!

Single people: take your time! Don’t rush relationships. Pray through them. When you meet that guy or girl who pushes you closer to Jesus and challenges you in your faith, you’ll know it. Wait for them! In the mean time, live as pure as possible.

Engaged people: it’s worth the wait. I know it’s challenging and it’s easy to justify getting physical because you know you’re going to get married anyway. WAIT! You’ll be glad you did.

Married people: GO FOR IT! Don’t wait for him/her to initiate. Godly, Biblical married love is passionate and fun. Hang out, go on dates, have sex, and glorify God!