On Sunday, we launched a ministry that has been in our minds and hearts for years.

2 years ago, when we had first moved here and were preparing to start Awaken, we realized that military ministry would be a big need. We had a few problems though: inexperience and numbers. There were only a few of us and the task at hand was huge. We did our best, prayed a lot, and we’re still praying, but the time has come to take it to the next level.

A few months ago, I approached Jeremy Edler, a soldier from Awaken, about my desire to see a ministry like this take off. Jeremy & Julie were 1 of 2 couples we met at our very first park outreach 2 years ago. We held our first Wednesday night Bible studies in their living room, and they’ve been with us from day 1. Jeremy deployed for a year about 8 months after we met, as did about half of our church!

He just returned in April and we began talking and brainstorming about this new initiative. Jeremy & Julie took the idea and ran with it! We landed on the name LIFT, because it describes what we want to do: lift up our soldiers, their spouses, and their families.

This isn’t a ministry run just by the Edlers, though. It’s for everyone. Here’s how you can help…

> PRAY: Commit to pray for our military, their families, and their spouses.

> DONATE: Buy/create some things to go in a care package that will be sent out each week to a deployed soldier. Anything will help, but if you need some ideas, download a list HERE. You can also donate financially to this ministry by putting “LIFT” in the memo section of your checks or in the comments section when giving online. Whether you’re in Clarksville or not, you can help in this way.

> SERVE: During deployments, there are often needs that need to be met back home. If you’d like us to contact you when a need arises (yard work, appliance repair, vehicle repair, etc.), please email us and let us know. Also, during the summer, LIFT will be hosting 3 “Spouses’ Night Out” events. If your spouse is not deployed or you’re not in the military and would like to help, we could use your help! The first one is THIS Saturday, June 11!

I love how the body of Christ is able to come together to meet huge needs in such a hands-on way. I hope you’ll be involved with LIFT.

Make sure to spread the word. You can find out more about LIFT at awakenchurch.org. Click on the “LIFT” tab at the top!