I love that title – it’s so reassuring that what you’ve done doesn’t have to define who you are.

I’ve also heard it said, “You aren’t what you did.” Same idea.

In just under two weeks, Awaken Church will welcome a woman from Brisbane, Australia, who embodies that statement. Her name is Bronwen Healy and she used to be a drug-addicted prostitute on the verge of death. Years later, she now runs an organization called The Hope Foundation that helps girls who are struggling with those same issues, she speaks around the country (and now the world), and shares the hope of Christ through her story.

I did an interview with her a few months back. You can read that HERE. That is one of my most-read blog posts – it gets read by at least someone almost every single day!

I’ve known Bronwen for over a year now. I had the opportunity to design a CD layout for The Hope Foundation last April. The CD was a compilation of a few different artists (David Crowder, Jimmy Needham, Chris Tomlin, and more) and was titled “Her Past Is Not Her Future.” We had no idea that a year later, Bronwen would be on her way to the U.S. to speak on that very topic!

Bronwen will join us on Sunday, May 29, at Awaken Church. I’ll interview her briefly on Sunday morning during the service, then that night, the whole city is invited to come hear her story at 6pm. It will be a powerful night as she takes us back into some of what she used to struggle with and shows us how Christ saved her from it. She is proof that your past does not have to be your future!

Don’t be scared of the content though. She assured me of this: “I am not raw & untamed with my past…only my future. I’m raw FOR Jesus – as in, unashamed of my love, need & surrender for Him.” It is sure to be a powerful night!

Make plans to join us at 10am and/or 6pm if you’re in the area!

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