Today is Day 10 in our journey through the Bible in 90 days.

It only took 2 days for us to plow through the 26 chapters of Leviticus. That’s a great thing, too. Leviticus is where a lot of people die in their Through The Bible In A Year plan. Leviticus is a gruesome, gory, bloody book that can be a very challenging read, especially Leviticus 13.

The theme throughout the book is God’s holiness and our duty to sacrifice to Him. Thankfully, that looks much different today than it did for the Old Testament saints! I don’t know if I could handle inspecting people’s sores, ridding houses of mold, and stoning people! That’s some heavy (and sometimes nauseating) stuff!

Here’s the point – all the sacrifices pointed to Jesus. The feasts, the festivals, the future pilgrimages that Jews would make to Jerusalem, the blood and gore – it all pointed to the slaughter of THE Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. God is very detail-oriented and demanded the best from His people and His priests. He didn’t want leftovers – He deserves better than that. When they gave Him their best, it was “a sweet aroma to the Lord.

We have the same duty today, whether you’re a “professional” in the ministry or not. Romans 12:1-2 details the sacrifice you are to make. It doesn’t involve a lamb or a bull or a goat. It involves a choice and a willing servant. Our bodies are to be presented to God as our reasonable act of worship. In other words, in light of what God has done for us, it just makes sense that we’d give our all for Him. It’s a choice. That slaughtered bull didn’t have a choice to get off the altar, but you do. Is the holy God worth it to you?

Next up in our journey: Numbers. I know, it sounds riveting. There’s some great stuff ahead – get ready!