Sa-tan-ol-o-gy – [seyt-n-ol-uh-jee] – n. – the study or doctrine of Satan

I grew up playing baseball, and part of the strategy was knowing who you were up against. Part of the coach’s job was to acquaint his players with the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. The goal, of course, was to use our strengths to play to their weaknesses. If their infield was strong, but their outfield was weak, we wanted to hit to the outfielders, and vice versa.

Satan is our opponent, and he is very acquainted with our strengths and weaknesses as well. He and his demons study us. Their goal is to hit us where it hurts – in our weaknesses.

This is where Satanology comes in. It’s a real branch of theology, stemming from Angelology – the study of angels (since Satan is a fallen angel, after all). It’s our job to know how to resist the enemy. We need to know how he functions, what his strategies are, and how we can be prepared for his attacks.

Tomorrow at Awaken begins a small 3-week study in Satanology that we’re calling “Speak of the Devil.” We’re going to look at the 3 times in Scripture that Satan spoke. He didn’t say much, but he said enough. Although his words are few, they’re enough to give us plenty of insight into who he is and what he’s all about. We need to be prepared for battle, and this is one way to do so.

A few quick tips as you prepare for battle…

1. Don’t try  to reason with Satan.

He’s tricky and full of lies. Eve tried it and it didn’t work so well for her or the rest of humanity (Genesis 3). Instead of reasoning with him when facing temptation, GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE!

2. Focus more on God than on Satan.

While it is healthy to study Satan, don’t become so obsessed with him that you lose sight of the One who created him. God is far more powerful and deserving of our worship.

3. Gear up.

This is war. The Bible says Satan is out to devour you, deceive you, accuse you, and destroy you. To do so, he’ll lie, tempt, and torture you in some very painful and creative ways. Don’t mess around. Put on the Armor of God (listed in Ephesians 6) and get ready to fight. Daily.

4. Don’t fight alone.

No soldier runs into battle alone. Lock arms with some other Christians who are ready to go to battle and walk beside them – you need them just as much as they need you.

I hope you’ll join us on Sundays at 10am at Awaken for this short 3-week look at Satan, the defeated foe.