I can honestly say I’ve never been this excited for a Good Friday-Easter weekend before.

In my years as a youth pastor, this weekend was always an easy one for me. Youth group was canceled so that families could be together and my main job was to show up early wearing a suit, eat a burrito, and welcome people. I loved that. It was a rare treat.

Good Friday and Easter took on a whole new dimension last year, since we were just 6 months into the church plant at the time. Last year was the first Good Friday & Easter messages that I had ever preached. On Good Friday, I pulled a reverse Superman (minus the telephone booth) by leaving work, putting on a tie, preaching, then heading back to work for the afternoon. That Sunday, we held a sunrise service on the river. It was an amazing first Easter at Awaken Church!

The church looked a lot different just one year ago. We had about 15 people in regular attendance at the time and we had no idea that a flood was in our near future. We were still in our first brown and blue church building, plugging away, praying for God to provide. We’re still praying for God to provide today, but almost everything else has changed – numbers, church buildings, and even the way we’re running services this year.

We’ll be holding a funeral on Good Friday this year, instead of our lunch time service last year. We’ll have a casket, hearse, pallbearers, eulogy, and all. We’re praying that many are confronted with the reality of Jesus’ death and turn to Him to experience true life. On Sunday, we’ll be holding two Easter services – both will feature our first-ever Awaken Church band, led by my beautiful wife. We’ll be partying on Sunday with a special message from Matthew 27. We’ll even have an Easter egg hunt following the second service!

We’ve rented extra chairs this weekend in prep for the influx of people we’re expecting and praying for. We’re also wired for overflow seating in the foyer and prayer room, just in case. Kids Ministry is stocked with extra volunteers, and we’re ready to see what God does.

On Thursday, I’ve opened the church building at 7am for prayer as we ask God to change lives this weekend and pour out His Spirit. We’re anticipating HUGE things and my heart is filled with faith and anticipation with what He will do.



He was dead, but now He’s alive forever more! THAT is a reason to party!